Play the demo for my Indie RPG and follow along with my progress.

When I was a kid I thought japanese RPG games were amazing. But I'm not just hoping to appeal to nostalgia. Pipe Animus will have an original story and a unique, pipe game based combat system. If I've got your attention, try then demo, then follow me on your social media service of choice! (That includes plain 'ol RSS for any of the 'get off my lawn' gamers.)

My first “Let’s Play”!

Wow, I got an honest to goodness, for real “Let’s Play” created by Kintinue for my game! I think it was really fun to watch, she has a great sense of humor and as a developer it was insanely useful for seeing rough edges in my design.


It’s in two parts, check them out! :) is an amazing place to post your graphics!

After submitting my game to Steam Greenlight I got a few negative remarks about my art, so I decided to take a screenshot and post it to /r/pixelart to get some educated criticism about what might be going wrong. Firstly I got a lot of positive attention which made me feel nice but what I found amazing and more useful… Read more →

I submitted my game to Steam Greenlight!

I’m one hundred dollars poorer and Steam Greenlight has one additional RPG/Puzzler. After two days, the comment feedback had a few nice comments but in general seemed skeptical or negative. I spent time trying to improve the description to address some of the negative comments about whether pipe puzzles belong in an RPG game.   2% of the way there,… Read more →

It’s finally here, D(emo) Day!

I finally made it, I’m releasing my demo to the public!┬áThe final version of my game will be desktop based but I’m releasing a web version for the demo to hopefully reach more people.   Read more →